Occupy San Antonio takes over Alamo Plaza

The following was submitted by Pancho Valdez. Brother Valdez can be contacted at 210-882-2230 or at 210-882-2230 or mestizowarrior210@yahoo.com
This past Saturday an estimated crowd between 500 -700 marched  from Alamo  and Cesar Chavez Blvd to Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio. The marchers were diverse in age, gender, race and sexual preference made a lot of noise as they marched with bull horns, chanting and drums. The marchers also attracted a lot of attention on a busy Saturday noon time.
Occupy San Antonio is a spin-off of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is spreading across the nation as people are expressing their anger and lack of confidence in a system that forces austerity on the 99% while the 1% continue to wallow in record profits!
The marchers appeared spirited and determined to express their anger and concern towards corporate greed, never-ending wars and the fact that for many young people there does not appear to be much of a future for them. Chants like; “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate greed has got to go and “the banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” were some that were repeated by the marchers.
There were individual members of several labor unions marching from the National Nurses Union, UNITE HERE, IATSE, Texas State Employees Union and the Laborer’s International Union. Several of the trade unionists expressed their solidarity with the Occupy San Antonio movement as working conditions continue to worsen, labor rights are destroyed and the future of many working class families is in serious doubt.
Later on Saturday afternoon about 150 of the Occupy protestors marched in solidarity with the Indigenous People’s march demanding an end to celebrating Columbus Day as a federal holiday. This march was much longer than the first one and proceeded throughout the downtown area of San Antonio.
Local observers, veterans of the civil rights, peace and labor movements expressed gratitude towards the young organizers of the local and national Occupy movement saying this is something sorely needed and long over due in the United States. As one woman’s sign read; “This is the Beginning!

One thought on “Occupy San Antonio takes over Alamo Plaza

  1. excellent story sir. I was there, thanks for the coverage!

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