San Antonio Greens support Teamster strike

The Bexar County (San Antonio) Green Party recently passed a resolution urging members and consumers to refrain from buying  baking products produced under the Pioneer brand and other brands owned by CH Guenther, a multi-national food processing company. Members of Teamster Local 657 at the Guenther flour mill in San Antonio have been on strike since April because of Guenther’s demands that workers accept concessions that would reduce their health care and pension benefits at a time when the company is making healthy profits.

“A core value of the Green Party is support for worker’s rights,” said Pancho Valdez, a Green Party member. “Our members have been actively supporting this strike because we believe that working people have a right to decent health care and a secure retirement. Workers at the mill have also told us about conditions at the plant that make it an unsafe and unhealthy work environment. Concern for the environment isn’t just about nature, it’s also about wanting to make sure that everyone has a safe and healthy place to live and work.”

Here is the text of the resolution.

  • Whereas our nation’s labor unions are under attack by those who despise organized workers and democracy in general, and
  • Whereas, worker’s rights are a core value of the Green Party, and
  • Whereas, members of Teamsters Local 657 have been on strike since April 25th of 2011, and
  • Whereas, both the company and the union have a long history of producing quality food products in our community, and
  •  Whereas, Pioneer has hired scabs to break the strike, and
  • Whereas, worker’s demands are modest in light of  the company doing well financially,
  • Let it be resolved that the Bexar County Green Party hereby supports the strike, and
  • Let it be further resolved that the Bexar County Green Party calls upon both our members and all San Antonio to contact Pioneer CEO Dale Trembley & Pioneer Human Resources Director Frank Rodriguez @ 210-227-1401 and tell them to return to the bargaining table to negotiate in good faith with the workers, and
  • Let it be finally resolved that the Bexar County Green Party urges its members and all San Antonio to refrain from buying Pioneer products under the labels of Pioneer, White Wings, Peter Pan, Morrisson and all biscuits sold at McDonald’s until the strikers and company come to an amicable agreement!

Valdez said that the Teamsters Union had no role in the introduction or passage of the resolution. He did say that the Green Party and Occupy San Antonio will be seeking other ways of supporting the strike and are hopeful that union members including those who are on strike will join with them in these activities.


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