Supporters of locked out IKEA workers to rally on Nov. 23

Supporters of the locked out IKEA workers in Richmond, British Columbia will rally near the IKEA store in nearby Coquitlam (1000 Lougheed Highway) on Saturday, November 23 at 1:00 P.M.

The rally is sponsored by the BC Federation of Labor.

“The rally is about how IKEA is treating workers worldwide,” said Anita Dawson, business representative for Teamsters Local 213, the locked out workers’ union, in an interview heard on Vancouver’s Co-op radio.

In Canada, IKEA is trying to bust the Richmond workers’ union, said Dawson.

The lockout, which has lasted longer than any other labor dispute with IKEA anywhere else in the world, the company’s take it or leave it attitude, and its efforts to coax union members to cross the picket line and return to work all suggest that IKEA in Richmond wants to be union free.

In Turkey, after workers voted to form a union, IKEA went of its way not to recognize the workers’ union.

In France, police are questioning two IKEA executives about illegally spying on IKEA workers and customers. According to, the former head of risk management at IKEA France has already been charged with bribing police to obtain “car registration numbers and names connected with a list of mobile phone numbers” of union members who work for IKEA in France.

At the Colquitlam rally, Local 213 members will also be urging their supporters to continue to boycott IKEA stores and IKEA online.


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