DFW Uber drivers strike ends; nationwide strike beginning Oct 16 called

A strike by Uber drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth area ended after the company made a concession to the drivers. But a national network of Uber drivers has issued a call for another strike that is scheduled to begin on Friday, October 16 and end Sunday evening on the 18th.

The Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)  strike began on September 18 when Uber corporate headquarters sent a message informing drivers that beginning September 18, all Uber Black and Uber SUV (a subcategory of Uber Black) vehicles must receive all eligible trip requests.

Uber Black is the most expensive service offered by Uber. Its basic rate in DFW is $14 plus $4 a mile with a $25 minimum for each ride.

Uber Black drivers own and maintain expensive luxury vehicles that can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000.

The company directive essentially told them that they would be required to start taking all trip requests including Uber’s cheapest service, Uber X, The Uber X base rate is $1 plus $0.85 a mile with a minimum of $3.50 for each ride.

The company tried to frame its new policy as an opportunity for Uber Black drivers to earn more money, but drivers calculated that they would lose income if they were forced to drive their expensive vehicles for rock bottom fares.

If there was any question whether accepting the low-fare trips would be voluntary, the corporate message made it clear, “As always, you are expected to accept as many trip requests as possible, regardless of the type of request. Partners who maintain a low Acceptance Rate may be deactivated from the Uber platform.”

In other words, if Uber Black drivers turn down too many low fares, they will be fired.

After receiving the message, Uber Black drivers at the DFW airport turned off the app that tells them when a trip is available, formed a convoy, and drove to downtown Dallas where Uber’s local office is located.

They were joined by some other drivers, including Uber Select, a luxury service just below Uber Black, and Uber X drivers.

The new trip acceptance policy wasn’t the drivers only grievance, and they presented management with a list of eight demands:

1. Increase Uber X fare to $1.50/mile
2. Increase Uber XL fare to $2.00/mile
3. Increase Uber Select fare to $2.50/mile
4. Return to the status quo
5. Pay and refund all charges taken from riders to the drivers
6. Allow tipping
7. Stop forcing drivers to accept all platform requests; instead, treat Uber partners with respect and as humans and stop taking us for granted
8. Activate all of Uber partners that were deactivated since the start of the strike

At first, Uber refused to make any concessions, and the strikers maintained their strike throughout the weekend.

On Monday morning, September 21, Uber management met with representatives of the drivers and agreed to allow Uber Black drivers to opt out of accepting lower fares.

That concession was enough to get some drivers to turn their app back on and commence picking up fares again.

However, on Tuesday morning, some drivers remained on strike. They were miffed that Uber had ignored their other demands.

By Wednesday, the strike appeared to be over. There was no mention of it on the Facebook page of the Dallas Uber Partners Union.

But the union’s Facebook page included a video from Uber Freedom, a network of Uber drivers, calling for a nationwide strike of Uber drivers that will begin October 16.

The demands of the strike include:

  • Raise the Uber X fare rates to at least $1.60 a mile across the board
  • Put a tip option on the app
  • Allow drivers to see the end destination before accepting the trip
  • Treat us as true Independent Contractors and stop deactivating drivers for low acceptance rating or high cancellations. As true IC’s, we have the right to pick and choose rides
  • Do not adjust fares without first getting the driver’s side

“The time has come for all drivers to stand up to Uber and demand real change at Uber,” said Abe Hussein, the administrator of Uber Freedom Facebook page. . . “The date (of the strike) is Friday, October 16 at 5 P.M. ending on Sunday at 10 P.M. (Uber) drivers across the nation, do not go online for those three days.”

9 thoughts on “DFW Uber drivers strike ends; nationwide strike beginning Oct 16 called

  1. I am praying that Uber agree with us

  2. Somebody has to take a stand against UBER, or should I say Travis. Seems like once Travis the self proclaimed “passionate entrepreneur” has achieved his success and maintains UBER’s growth, his greed and indifference toward his fellow man from his contemporaries to customers, he has proven that if he can get away with it, he’ll do it. UBER is a wonderful concept that has become tangible, certainly worthy of praise. How good is it really if the person running the show has gone from humble hopeful idealist to a tyrannical sociopathic narcissist that will use anyone to get what he wants, then toss them away without a thought or concern for their humanity? Sure the ride share concept is wonderful, but now the world is starting to see his Hitlerish beliefs and policies oozing through the cracks in his facade. Help yourself to some research in regards to who believed in him and helped him get started, and how did he show his appreciation. This man SERIOUSLY considers any competitor the enemy. I can say with confidence, In the opinion of many,in both the professional community and consumer community Travis does not seem to be an honorable man of his word,nor compassionate,trustworthy or willingly competitive.
    That’s why he has so many new drivers hired so frequently. They increase their multi purposed fees at any instance they can make up a reason that sounds good until it’s investigated. Also any employee that has an opinion or questions out of curiosity or ignorance will be “DEACTIVATED”. Another trick is to lower fees for riders, with NO compensation to drivers,(WHO MADE THEM) at the same time collect more fees from drivers. If a driver pays UBERS share of taxes on the money they collect from drivers, HE DOES NOT CARE AND WILL NOT CORRECT IT UNLESS THE IRS OR SOMEONE BIGGER MAKES HIM DO IT.That why riders can rate drivers and vice versa, but there is no rating UBER. All their promises and offers are a thin veil that hides the machine….so SUPPORT LYFT!!
    PS. Im not a ride share driver of any kind. I just dislike greedy,lying bullies.

  3. How do I join uber strike! I’m working 50-60 hour weeks after my expenses and commissions I’m making like $7 an hour Ann Uber keeps screwing me even more by lowering rates in the Bay Area by 15% it has really created a hardship on my finances I’m a single mother and I take care of my elderly aunt so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and I feel like Uber is taking advantage

  4. This is moronic. Uber drivers aren’t striking or protesting for things like ACTUAL INSURANCE or god forbid an actual LIVE customer service and emergency service PHONE NUMBER which are without a doubt the three things Uber needs to supply with it’s service above all else. NO, they are protesting for more rights to selectively deny service to customers based on location, race and income and continue manipulating Uber’s already fraudulent surge pricing system. Making their service (as always) a haven for the rich and white to enjoy freely while the rest go without. Uninsured Uber wrecks are happening all the time and it is always the drivers, the customers and the tax paying public who end up picking up the tab. While Uber grabs more corporate welfare, their drivers want more options to screw over their own customers and the general public.

    • oh sure lets make this a race thing, 70% of Uber drivers are NOT WHITE ! the strike is about making a living, at 75 cents a mile and getting paid for one out of three miles is not profitable, your post has no merit

      • Yet NONE of the drivers want to raise the insurance issue. just continue Making what ever they can while they have zero insurance to even do it and dumping the incidentals on the public and their passengers. This is the main reason this strike proposal will fail. As far as selective driving and the racism, you might actuall want to LOOK at Uber’s map pin concentrations in large cities. They serve poor/minority communities no more than 2% across the board and of those rides, the majority are people being driven TOO those areas from Uber’s preferred pick up areas.

    • I’m not an Uber driver, but if I were, NO ONE would tell me I had to go to a dangerous area, or pick up someone that doesn’t speak my language. That’s the reason to be self-employed. Do business where you want with whom you want. It has nothing to do with race you idiot! “Selectively deny service” you’re damn right! MY car, MY car insurance, MY car maintenance costs. No one gets in my car unless they’re invited by me–not mandated by Uber or anyone else.

  5. Why we going strike? The riders that support us dont deserve that; just remember that
    The important thing is that we are participating in the disruptive technology, reverse economy and we are helping travis cartel to increase his fortune every nanosecond
    And we are helping travis cartel to depressiate the taxi industry by 80%”with last travis cartel fares”
    And we are helping travis cartel to turn the pseudoriders more and more cheap, frugal, arrogant, rough, cinics, disgusted, classless, shameless, demanding a lot more for a lot less
    Do u can imagine what this poor pseudoriders with attitude going to do without us? They are not willing anymore to ride their stinky asses in the ugly and disgusting taxis; we got to be very considerated with this poor pseudoriders
    So, Travis should be prety proud of the nice job we are performing with our little and irrelevants sacrifices
    Dont get me wrong; im not saying travis or the pseudoriders are evil; human condition is like that; if we see the opportunity to use or abuse of somebody; is really hard to resist such temptation
    Please think about it and dont quit
    And by the time you realize you are not making any money and quit or travis deactivate you( or uou get involved in an accident or you just walk away tired of be the fun, the joke and the piñata of everybody; he is going to have 2 or 3 more mental retarders with some degree of authism willing to replace you So dont worry about who and how you pick the pseudoriders. And have all the fun and make all the jokes of the stinky cabs; keep driving and enjoy the ride as long as you can lmao

  6. Uber freedom is a joke hope the former disgruntled driver plan falls flat on it’s face

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